Request for Proposal (RFP)
Technical Training Program


The NELAC Institute (TNI) is a not-for-profit scientific voluntary consensus organization engaged in research and development whose mission is to foster the generation of environmental data of known and documented quality.

In cooperation with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), TNI hosts an annual meeting with technical presentations related to environmental monitoring issues called the National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC).  Since 2007, NEMC has been combined with TNI’s Forum on Environmental Accreditation under the umbrella of the Environmental Measurement Symposium to allow many attendees to minimize travel costs. The Forum consists of sessions related to laboratory accreditation.

TNI is interested in contracting with organizations to provide training in the general areas of environmental measurement or laboratory accreditation. Training should impart knowledge with the goal that the person being trained will achieve some level of self-sufficiency with regard to the subject matter.

Organizations may propose to provide the training for only one course (or workshop), or for multiple courses. The courses will be offered in conjunction with the Environmental Measurement Symposium.


TNI is seeking organizations to provide formal training courses that can be any where from a half-day to two days in length. In preparing the schedule for the 2020 Symposium, the conference organizers have identified two potential days where formal training courses can be offered. These days are Friday, August 7, or Saturday, August 8. The conference will begin on Monday, August 3 and the conference ends on Thursday, August 6.


The following items will be provided by TNI:

  • Course advertising;
  • Suitable room for providing the training at the hotel;
  • LCD computer projector;
  • Evaluation forms;
  • Registration and collection of fees;
  • Listing of registered attendees two weeks before the class and updates the morning of the first day of the class;
  • Name badges for attendees; and
  • Certificates.

Contractor shall supply documentation of attendance records, the agenda for the course and one copy of course materials provided to students. Contractor shall retain all intellectual property rights for the course materials.


 Interested subcontractors should prepare a formal proposal that briefly discusses how the Contractor will achieve TNI’s training objectives. The proposal should also include the following elements:

  • A summary of what the training course will be;
  • A course outline with a one or two sentence description of each item outlined;
  • A summary of the Contractor’s general and specific experience including experience developing and presenting training courses; and
  • A detailed cost proposal that satisfies the requirements specified in the pricing section below.

The proposal should not exceed 10 pages in length.


Proposals shall be submitted by email to Jerry Parr at by March 15, 2020.


Nothing herein shall be construed to commit TNI to pay any costs incurred by bidders in connection with preparation of a proposal, or to guarantee the procurement of any services. All prices are to be in U.S. dollars. Contractor shall furnish and provide all material, labor, supervision, equipment, and incidentals required for accomplishing the work covered by the Contract, except the work, materials, services, or equipment to be furnished by TNI. The proposal should include any fees for instructor, materials, and instructor(s) travel being requested.

TNI and the contractor may mutually agree to cancel the class, if fewer than 10 students are registered by July 13, 2020, which is the deadline for early registration.


TNI will review all proposals that are received by the deadline in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Relevance of proposal to TNI’s objectives and priorities;
  • Technical merit;
  • Competency of the proposed staff;
  • Feasibility of the proposal;
  • Adequacy of the applicant's resources; and
  • Cost.


Net 45 days.


This solicitation permits the bidder to impose exceptions, exclusions, or special conditions. However, the bidder is hereby advised that any such exception, exclusion, or special condition may render your proposal non-responsive, which would preclude an award to you. Any exception, exclusion, or special condition the bidder wishes to include or impose must be fully and completely described in a written attachment to the Bidder’s proposal.


TNI reserves the right to cancel this RFP or to not consider bids submitted in response to this solicitation.