Deyuan Kong

Kitty Kong, is a Staff Scientist in Chevron Energy Technology Company, Richmond, CA. She began working for Chevron in August 2006. She started working on heavy oil upgrading technology development, and molecular diamondoids focus on nanotechnology before she took on the leading role in environmental forensics in 2009 for Chevron. She serves as Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board Member for US EPA since 2014. She is a technical advisor with an area of expertise at analytical methods selection, laboratory capability evaluation and environmental data interpretation for Chevron E&P and Downstream Business units. She has over 55 journal publications and four patents. Before Chevron, she worked at Texas A&M University as a research scientist.

She graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences-Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica with Ph. D in Organic chemistry.

Contact Information: /Tel: 1-510-242-1654

Contact Information:; 510-2421654