Liz Neeley

Liz Neeley is the Executive Director of The Story Collider. Each week, The Story Collider releases a new podcast episode with true, personal stories about science recorded from their regular shows in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, and pop-up shows across the US. Liz has spent a decade helping researchers understand and pragmatically apply communications advice about public engagement. Her expertise includes the science of science communication, social media, and science journalism in the US and UK. She built her teaching career at COMPASS as the Assistant Director of Science Outreach, training hundreds of scientists of all career stages. Before that, she earned practical experience in coral reef conservation in Fiji and Papua New Guinea and working on international trade policy for deep-sea corals. Liz is a marine biologist by training. She studied the evolution of color patterns in tropical reef fishes, which introduced her to sensory biology and communication theory concepts that influence her to this day. She is a member of the advisory boards of the CommLab at MIT and Ensia magazine, and contributes to both peer-reviewed and popular work, such as Science Blogging: The Essential Guide (2016), Effective Risk Communication (2015), and Escape From the Ivory Tower (2010)

Contact Information:; 202.854.1150