Extending the LIMS System Beyond the Walls of the Laboratory.

LIMS in the Modern Laboratory
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Contact Information: schindler@sampleserve.com; 231-933-7035


A LIMS is a vital software platform for any modern laboratory. Seamlessly linking the LIMS with other software packages allows the laboratory to further expand its operational capabilities. In this session, Russell Schindler from SampleServe will show the benefits of better field data generation and electronic data storage, truly from the sampling point forward into the LIMS and then the use of this data in advanced, graphical reporting.

This presentation is intended for lab directors and managers, sample receiving department managers, report submittal technicians and laboratory sales representatives. You will learn how extending the LIMS system beyond simply handling samples once received at the laboratory helps your client operate their projects more efficiently. We will cover the importance of client generated work scopes and sample bottle ordering, how to make your client’s job easier and more efficient using a customized, branded mobile application which acts as an extension of the LIMS system beyond the laboratory walls. We will cover a process for streamlining mobile data entry, field printing barcoded sample bottle labels and electronic chain of custody transfer and submission. We will also cover incorporating sample collection information and other related field data into the
LIMS data system and final report submittal.

In addition, we will cover advanced reporting capabilities well beyond the basic Excel tables and text based reports. Your laboratory’s product is data. The purpose of the data is to tell a story or describe an in situ situation. Modern algorithms and analytics can be applied to automatically tell the story using automatically and instantly generated info-graphics.